Moving home? These are 4 of the hardest things to transport

Fragile items should be packed with extra care

Moving home is a stressful time, even in the best circumstances. You have to move all your belongings to your new home, but there are some items that are particularly difficult to move. There are some things that could cause even more stress if you don’t plan ahead. Here are just some of the hardest things to move into your new home.

1. Washing machines must be prepared for the big move

A washing machine is one of the trickiest things to move out of a home; it’s a heavy appliance with lots of wires and plugs, and water. They can also be fragile, so you should take care when packing it up ready to be moved. You need to prepare to move your washing machine, and make sure any loose wires are securely strapped to the machine, and all the water has been drained to avoid leaking. As highlighted by AnyVan, most machines feature a ‘drain’ stage, however can still leave up to a pint of water left over after each wash, which you’ll need to physically drain before moving to avoid spilling water everywhere.

2. Fragile items should be packed with extra care

While you will be packing everything up for the big move, it’s important to be particularly careful when moving fragile items, or even family heirlooms. Expensive art pieces, china, and glassware should be properly packed up, preferably with bubble wrap. You should also let your removal company know in advance about any expensive and fragile items you have, as they may be able to help you properly pack your goods, and account for this when moving your items.

You should also consider taking out an insurance policy for your move, which can be offered by your chosen removal company. While this may not be able to replace any family heirlooms, it will be able to cover the costs of fragile items, such as TVs, if the worst happens.

3. Pets must be properly prepared

Moving home with a fish tank can be very difficult, and is a very stressful time for your beloved finned friends. To keep your fish as calm and healthy as possible, it’s recommended that your aquarium is the last thing you pack up, and the first thing you set up in your new home. The aquarium itself will be heavy, and you should ensure that you empty out the tank first, and transport everything individually, with your fish in large bags or buckets filled with the original tank water.

For families with pets, it’s recommended you see your vet before moving day, to make sure they’re healthy and prepared to be relocated. All pets should be properly handled and in the right shipping containers, and you should insure that they are kept as calm as possible throughout the day—you don’t want to have a snake on the loose during your move, or even a bird!

4. Take care when packing specialist equipment

Musical instruments and gym equipment make up some of the specialist equipment that you could find difficult to move. More often than not, these can be large and bulky, as well as very heavy and fragile. It would be worth disassembling them as much as possible, as transporting them in parts may work out easier. However, some items can’t be disassembled easily, such as pianos, which require the help of specialist movers.

It’s important to carefully plan ahead of your moving day, and account for the cost of any specialist movers you may need to help you. But with careful planning, you’ll be settled in to your new home in no time.

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