Increasing Value in Property With Flooring Renovation

As the old adage says, one must speculate to accumulate and the same thing is true when it comes to selling your home. Did you know that in order to gain the maximum value for the sale of your home when it goes on the market, it is important that you invest some time and money into projects inside the property that are going to assist in adding value to the home? And more importantly, do you know where to invest your money so that you can boost the home’s value?

One such way in which you can really inject some additional value to your property, is to completely renovate the flooring which you have inside the house. As someone who is looking to sell their home next year, this is the current process that we are undertaking and after a trip to flooring specialists Floors Direct, I am now far more informed about which type of flooring I should be using. Some types of flooring are considered far more attractive and valuable to prospective buyers, let’s take a look which type of flooring you should be looking at.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hard wood flooring is the most popular flooring when it comes to renovating the property’s flooring thanks to its long life, high value and robust nature. There is an association which people make when it comes to wood flooring that it resembles luxury and class, something which people are more than happy to pay that little extra for. Putting wood flooring around the home will be an investment which pays you back in spades when it comes to selling the property. The range of options available in terms of colours and styles mean that you can have wood flooring throughout the home but still have different looks in each room and area of the home, to match the decor.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is probably the most recommended type of flooring to put inside your home, especially if you are doing so with the purpose of adding more value into the home. This flooring runs cheaper than solid wood flooring because the flooring is actually made from plywood, with thin layers of solid flooring on top. Engineered wood has the same look as solid wood, although it doesn’t have the same longevity. With this being said, the flooring is real wood and can be advertised as such when selling the property. Engineered flooring is actually more moisture resistant than solid wood flooring, it is incredibly durable and it can help you to add value to the home, without the level of expense that solid wood flooring has.

High Quality Laminate

If you are in a position whereby you simply cannot afford to have wood flooring throughout the home, you can still add some value to your property with some high quality laminate flooring. In order to do this you may very well need to do some digging so that you can find the laminate that has the look and, most importantly, the feel of real wood. Naturally you will not be able to advertise real wood flooring when you list the property, but a high quality laminate flooring can still help to make your home more attractive, and give it some additional value. Practically, laminate flooring has many benefits over wood flooring but it will of course not add the value that you are looking for. With this being said, just last year Which! magazine  suggested that an outlay of £600 on laminate flooring could add as much as £1400 to your property.


Carpets have really fallen down the flooring pecking order in terms of what looks best inside a property and if you do have carpets in the house, it is important that you look to change them. Carpets last the least amount of time when compared with wood flooring, they are tough to clean and keep clean and they are beginning to look like a very antiquated flooring choice. If you are looking to add real value to your property, it is time to clear out the carpets.

Consult with your flooring specialists before buying any flooring to see what your best options are, and bear in mind that the outlay which you are making, will be worthwhile in the end.