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Appointment Time

Debate rages about how to measure the success of a buy-to let business. Is it the value of the property portfolio? Is it the yield those homes are producing? Or should it be calculated on occupancy rates?

If, like to majority of landlords, you aim to keep your property or properties fully let every day of the year, Property Division has two free giveaways that can help your search for good, long-term tenants when the inevitable occurs and you need to market your buy-to-let investment. 

Free download #1 | Viewing Appointment Sheet | DOWNLOAD

Carrying out property viewings can eat up a lot of a landlord’s time but our free Viewing Appointment Sheet can be used to not just schedule meetings with prospective tenants but also to pre-qualify them when they first make contact.

Click here to download the Viewing Appointment Sheet, which contains two key questions to ask prospective tenants.

How many people are there in your group?

If your property is, for example, a two double bed flat in the centre of town, you can advise any group of four friends that the property would be unsuitable for them.

What is your employment status?

Many landlords are reluctant to let their properties to tenants claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance. By pre-screening prospective tenants, you will be able to minimise the amount of time you spend showing unsuitable tenants around your buy-to-let investment.

When you have made arrangements with a prospective tenants to show them your property, use the free download to note down their name, mobile number and time and date of the appointment.

But don’t call them on the day of the viewing. Ask prospective tenants to call you two hours before the viewing to confirm that they still wish to see your property. If they don’t call, then cancel the viewing. This could save you a lot of time turning up to conduct viewings for prospects who fail to show.

Free download #2 | Property Details Sheet | DOWNLOAD

Don’t let viewings end without giving prospecting tenants something to put your buy-to-let property at the top of their mind.

Click here to download our free Property Details Sheet. Estate and lettings agents often use a single-page flyer to promote properties on their books, and Property Division’s free template will allow you to do the same.

To demonstrate, here’s one we made earlier…

We hope you appreciate Property Division’s commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II breaking her grandmother Queen Victoria’s world record of 23,226 days as a reigning monarch and are aware that your Property Details Sheet will not contain such grandiose claims as having 78 bathrooms.

Instead, you would be advised to…

  • Include at least one picture of your property (but three is best).
  • Briefly state the property’s location and local amenities.
  • Use bullet points to summarise the key features of the property.
  • State from when the property is available to let.
  • State all your terms, including rent, deposit requirements and length of tenancy.
  • Provide as many ways as possible for prospective tenants to contact you.

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