reasons to sell your investment property

Signs it’s time to sell your investment property

You probably bought your investment property for the right reasons. You may have made a judicious choice – at the time. But things change,...

UK Property Hotspots – Where to Invest in 2018

The property market has never been entirely predictable, and when you are looking to make an investment it is important that you choose wisely....
Building your home

How Modern Methods of Construction could help you build your own home

Guest blog by Ipswich Building Society We all know the UK has a chronic housing shortage and, combined with increasing house prices, it's a difficult...
House Buyer Bureau

15 of the Worst things that can Happen to Impact Property Value

15.      Downgraded Ofsted Rating: -0.5% (£1,140) According to research conducted by Surrey University, if you’re closest school’s Ofsted rating is downgraded by one...
Sheffield is becoming a Northern Property Investment Hotspot

Why Sheffield is becoming a Northern Property Investment Hotspot

What is it about Sheffield that is attracting so much attention from property investors? Click here to read more.
Off plan properties

Buying Off-plan: What you need to know

Buying off plan means you purchase a property before it has been completed, often before construction has started on the site. Click here to read more.

Things to Do Before Moving Overseas

So, you’ve set the wheels in motion, booked an international removals firm, and you are moving overseas. Although it’s an exciting time for you,...

Choosing a House in 2018

The process of choosing and buying a house maybe have been streamlined in some sense since the rise of the internet age, but the...

Why Liverpool Continues to be a Property Investment Hotspot for Investors

Over recent years, Liverpool has transformed into one of the UK’s top investment locations, with an array of property and a thriving economy attracting...

Foreign Property Ownership in the UK

With the events of the last 2 months, it has become near impossible to avoid the rising tension between Russia and the UK. While...