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Electric Water Heater: Common Issues and How to Solve Them

Water heaters are the mainstays of household hot water systems, and when they malfunction, that can cause real headaches. There are various problems that...
Sheffield is becoming a Northern Property Investment Hotspot

Why Sheffield is becoming a Northern Property Investment Hotspot

What is it about Sheffield that is attracting so much attention from property investors? Click here to read more.
Off plan properties

Buying Off-plan: What you need to know

Buying off plan means you purchase a property before it has been completed, often before construction has started on the site. Click here to read more.

Things to Do Before Moving Overseas

So, you’ve set the wheels in motion, booked an international removals firm, and you are...
Manchester is one of the most active property markets in the UK through its resilient economy, popularity with international visitors and strength in attracting direct investment. A wealth of world-class investment opportunities is prevalent throughout the city and Manchester continues to outperform the average UK house prices. A Strong Investor...
At Alan’s Skip Hire, we believe we offer the most reliable and best value skip hire service there is across Cheshire, Flintshire, Wirral and all surrounding areas. Our great story stated began with a premise. For Alan’s Skip Hire, the premise was a simple one: To provide a local, friendly and...


Natural resources are great for your wallet, your style and for the environment. As these stressful and erratic times make it increasingly difficult to relax and find tranquillity in our lives, one of the options is to create peace in the comfort of our own home. This is the reason... Click here to read more.

The Real Super Mario Brothers: Plumbers Who Save Lives

The most famous plumber in the world is Mario — along with his brother Luigi,...

Boosting Property Value: What Buyers Really Want From a Master Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are an important part of boosting property value. For the cost of investment,...

What You Really Need To Know About Missold Mortgages

Every individual out there wants to own a home at some point. This is the...
What to do with your parents’ property when they’ve moved into care

What to do with your parents’ home when they move into care

There comes a time when many of us have to address whether our parents can...

Forget the Cash and the Dog: Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

When a marriage breaks down ,all of the shared assets will need to be divided....