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Help and Advice: Choosing a Letting Agent to Manage your Property

There are hundreds of Letting Agents in the UK, all claiming to be the best in the business. With this in mind, it can seem a daunting task to choose the right and most suiting one for you. As well as running Mighty House – a letting agents in Lancaster, I too have a portfolio of properties I manage, so would like to share my tips and advice to ensure you make the right decision. Reputation Reputation plays an important

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How to Prepare for Interest Rate Rises If You’re Buying or Remortgaging

Mortgage borrowers have enjoyed low interest rates with the Bank of England base rate being at its lowest for over five years. However, economists have predicted that this is all set to change in the next year with interest rates predicted to rise. If you’re in the market to buy

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Why is letting becoming more popular in the United Kingdom

Myself, like many others in there twenties, are currently renting instead of looking for a house to buy. This seems to be common trend in the younger generation. So why is this trend becoming more popular? We asked popular letting company, the lettings shop, what trends they’ve noticed and we