Property Investment

Why Ethical Investment Is Important

Ethical investment is not a term that everybody is familiar with. Even if you have heard of it, you may not know exactly what it is. As a property investor, your priorities will relate to the buildings and physical assets you own. But if your property business is doing well, you should be generating spare income. That money could be working for you to generate more capital for future growth. Obviously we’re talking about investment here, but what’s the difference

Property News

A day in the life of an estate agent (and it can be more eventful than you think….)

A lot of people think that being an estate agent can be rather dull – and let’s face it they don’t always have the best of reputations when it comes to, ahem, telling the truth. But spare it in your heart to feel a drop of sympathy for the estate

Property Finance

Scotland: the financial implications of a “Yes” vote

What a mess! With no one in Westminster having previously entertained the possibility of a “Yes” vote from Scotland when they go to vote for independence in a few days’ time, the closing of the gap between the two camps has seen Westminster dissolve into absolute panic mode. We’re now