Property Investment

Why Ethical Investment Is Important

Ethical investment is not a term that everybody is familiar with. Even if you have heard of it, you may not know exactly what it is. As a property investor, your priorities will relate to the buildings and physical assets you own. But if your property business is doing well, you should be generating spare income. That money could be working for you to generate more capital for future growth. Obviously we’re talking about investment here, but what’s the difference

Property News

Mark Carney Predicts Rise in London Mortgages

Bank of England boss, Mark Carney, has set hearts racing by announcing what he bills as the ‘new normal’ interest rate. Whilst Britain has been basking in the relative luxury of the emergency rate of interest, 0.5 per cent, a figure which has not moved since 2009, Carney predicts that

Property Finance

Why is letting becoming more popular in the United Kingdom

Myself, like many others in there twenties, are currently renting instead of looking for a house to buy. This seems to be common trend in the younger generation. So why is this trend becoming more popular? We asked popular letting company, the lettings shop, what trends they’ve noticed and we