Landlords Employ Big Data: Vet Tenants Using Social Media

The security of private information has always been a growing concern for social media users. Every day, folk helplessly pump their social media accounts with data—personal info, tweets about their daily dealings, pictures that hint at their personalities and moods, even videos of their visits to an expensive boutique—that, if

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£500 – A Month Rooms in London are Extinct

Despite a slight 1.7% dip in rental prices across London post Brexit (from May to July), latest average rental figures from Portico London Estate Agent show the £500-a-month room in a two bedroom property is now extinct. According to the Portico’s data, Bexley holds the title of the cheapest borough in London to rent in, with the July average rental price for a two bedroom property standing at £1,108 per month, or £554 per room. You’ll pay even more if