Property Investment

Should first-time buyers purchase a property now?

For all you first-time buyers it’s the ultimate dilemma: should you buy when property prices are high? This may sound like a no-brainer for your average investor who has a few properties and is looking to speculate; as buying at the top of the market is not a good idea. However, what about the many people not yet on the property ladder who are concerned about missing out on getting a home? It’s all very well saying wait until the

Property News

Will 2015 be a good time to expand your portfolio?

Let’s face it: if we had a crystal ball we’d all be multi-millionaires. It’s every investor’s dream to be able to spot the next ‘big thing’ and invest before anyone else gets in on the game. And property’s a pretty good option – certainly over the long term – and

Property Finance

How to sell your house in seven days

It’s easy to understand why January is the busiest time of year for estate agents, with most firms all over the UK receiving their highest number of instructions when compared with other months of the year. Many homeowners make New Year resolutions to move property in the next 12 months,